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As one of the premier and fine dining places in the famous and attractive island of Boracay, Aklan, Zuzuni is also popular for its efficient services as well as the delectable dishes that it offers to every traveler and vacationer in the place. Aside from these, the restaurant also has nice atmosphere, which makes it luring to people. Furthermore, the dishes available at the dining place has reasonable prices.


Cuisine, Specialties and Price Range

One of the advantages of Zuzuni over other restaurants in the island is that it specializes both in Greek cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine. Some of the food service providers in-house specialties that new customers should try are Ham and Cheese Omelet, Chicken Gyros, and Vegetarian Moussaka. Otyher tasty dishes available at this restaurant are Beef and Lamb Souvlaki, as well as Chocolate Chip Waffle. For as low as 400 pesos, people can already enjoy a sumptuous meal at this fine dining restaurant.


Description of the Dining Place

To maintain its reputation as one of the elegant dining places in the area, Zuzuni makes sure that it offers hearty warming services and relaxing atmosphere to its customers. Aside from its comforting atmosphere, it also provides a cozy ambiance, which makes the restaurant attractive to those who want to unwind. Even if its dining area is not as spacious as other famous restaurants, Zuzuni still provides a comfortable place for those who want to spend their nights at the restaurant. Above all, since it is open from 8 in the morning until 12 midnight, more vacationers at Boracay have the chance to taste its delectable dishes, as well as mouthwatering drinks.



Situated at Station 1 within Barangay Balabag in Boracay Island, Aklan, Zuzuni is one of the restaurants in the area that is near to other hotels and lodges. Just a few steps away from the dining place, people can already visit one of the topnotch hotel in the island, Boracay Regency Hotel. Another hospitality service provider that is accessible to this dining place is Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort. Hence, for the convenience of its customers, the place also has a hotel named as Zuzuni Boutique Hotel.

For advance reservations at Zuzuni, people can make arrangements with its staff and management through this contact number, (63 36) 288-4477. Customers can also send their inquiries at this email address, zuzuniboracay@gmail.com. Finally, for those who want to have a look at the restaurant, they can visit the hotels Web site, www.zuzuni.net.

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