When is the Best time to Go to Boracay Island – Philippines ?

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When is the Best time to Go to Boracay Island – Philippines ? – Every travel destination has its peak and off season. Boracay has, too. Both seasons in Boracay are determined according to the quality of the place, the climate, and the kind of entertainment it offers among others.

Basically, Boracay can be traveled through all year round. The busiest season of the year in Boracay is from December to April when the mood in the whole island is celebratory 24/7. During Christmas, people from all over the Philippines and all over the world kind of make a trip to Boracay as their rewards for working hard the whole year round. A nice cap off at the paradise could erase all the pressures, the stress, and the challenges of every single day.

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With that situation in existence, it would be difficult to book for accommodation around this time. It would also be a challenge to go backpacking in Boracay after Christmas and beyond. Since the coming season is summer, you can expect tourists to come in droves. If you are planning to go during peak season, it is best that you plan your trip way before it actually happens and book early.

May and June in Boracay is pretty interesting as no rainshowers or storms are expected to arrive this early. Then again, the climate could be really sizzling. If you do not want to get burned, stay away from these two months.

After June, Boracay is left almost empty. Since another school year in the Philippines has begun, traveling families could be few and far in between until November. It also does not help for the tourism industry in Boracay that typhoons are very popular during those months.

As Boracay is an island, you will barely find anything to do there when it is raining or the sea is blazing with giant waves. If there is one good thing about booking for a Boracay holiday during this time, it is that finding an accommodation could be a walk in the park and at a very low price!

So, when to go to Boracay? You decide. In the end, it remains to be your sole decision. Your choice would have to depend on the brand of enjoyment that you want to have while you are on vacation, your own timetable, and your budget. Those three important factors will help you determine when is the best time to go to Boracay. After you establish your choice, all you need to do is relax and enjoy. A vacation is all about that after all!


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