Sambas Seafood Grill in Boracay – Philippines

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One of the more popular restaurants and seafood grills found in the island of Boracay is Sambas Seafood Grill which serves a variety of cuisine Western, Filipino, Thai, and even Indian. You name it, they’ve got it!

Seafood such as a big and juicy lobster, or prawns and shell fish are only just a few of Sambas many specialties. However, they also serve a wide array of Western or International food which they do very well. Sizzling and mouth watering steaks, pork chops and spare ribs served with gravy and your choice of mashed potatos, French fries, rice and vegetables are among their specialty meat dishes. Meal prices in Sambas Seafood Grill may vary and range from as low as a hundred pesos for native dishes and as much as five hundred pesos for Western or European-style cuisine.

Whether you are looking for a place where you can have a great meal, have a cold beer or some cocktails and spirits as you party out with friends, or just simply relax and enjoy the sunset and view of Boracays White Beach, Sambas Seafood Grill would be the best venue for you. The restaurant has both a ground level and an upper level, wherein the upper level is possesses rooms for rent from two thousand pesos in the low season, to as much as four thousand pesos during the islands busier months wherein the said rooms are usually fully booked because of the fact that it is a convenient few meters walk away from the beach itself.

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The restaurant is a partnership between British and Australian owners. The waitresses and cooks that work at Sambas Seafood Grill are very friendly, and usually have a good sense of humour and fun that the place tends to attract many foreigners – especially Brits, Americans and Australians, who go there in the evening to have an excellent meal and a wholesome good time. One can occasionally find themselves in awe of the skill involved in the fire dancing show held at night that goes hand in hand with the guitar playing and singing of some of Boracays best local musicians. Musical styles by guest musicians hired to entertain Sambas Seafood Grill clientele may range from light rock, acoustic, to even the occasional latin inspired love song.

Sambas Seafood Grill is a sister restaurant of another restaurant called Rumbas which is located in the D’Mall area, right in front of the ferris wheel. Unlike her partner restaurant, Sambas is located right in front of the white beach at Station Two of Boracay Island, so all prospective clientele can most certainly enjoy the fresh sea breeze as well as listen to the waves crashing against the shore at night. Both restaurants get a good amount of clientele be it during the low, medium, or peak season. There is always something there that would spark the interest of everyone!

If one is looking to inquire about Sambas Seafood Grill or arrange and schedule a booking of a table or even a hotel room, one can contact Jane at telephone number +639295132182.


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