Rumbas Bar & Restaurant in Boracay Island (Reviews)

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Rumbas Bar & Restaurant in Boracay Island (Reviews) – Found within the shopping center D’Mall, Rumbas is a cozy, relaxing, and homey bar and restaurant that serves different kinds of special cocktails, beers, and other alcoholic beverages. To go with these comprehensive roster of drinks, the place is also known for its tasty appetizers and satisfying main dishes. It has nice, beautiful, and clean surroundings despite the great number of people who continuously drop by and pass through the area. Furthermore, its friendly atmosphere makes it one of the most inviting hangouts in the island.

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Rumbas Bar & Restaurant is exactly situated along one of the major wings of DMall, which greatly contributes to its drawing power. People can easily locate this place by finding the small Ferris wheel, which is a minor landmark in Boracay. This area is near Station 2, which is home to numerous prime hotels such as Boracay Gold Crowne, Club Manila East Boracay, and Casa Pilar Boracay Resort.

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Because this place is primarily a bar, Rumbas Bar & Restaurant specializes in its various beer and alcoholic drink offerings. In terms of food, it serves a wide array of special offerings including Lamb Chop Steak for only 250 pesos, Fillet Mignon for 495 pesos, and English-style Fish and Chips for 350 pesos. Sausage is also a heavy favorite inside this food facility, which comes with onion gravy and mashed beans all for 295 pesos only. Moreover, some of the other special delicacies that Rumbas serve include Pork Steak, New York Steak, and T-Bone Steak, which cost somewhere in between 200 pesos and 350 pesos.

In addition to the aforementioned items, Rumbas Bar & Restaurant has a lot more good things to offer to all the tourists and guests in Boracay. For those who are in search for some special dish to try, they can order Angus Steaks. Likewise, the place is known for its tasty and flavorful Asian treats, specifically the Green Thai Curry. For snacks, it is always great to avail any of its delightful sandwiches. Meanwhile, many customers also order other favorites such as lamb chops, curries, and cottage pies. For dessert, it has a collection of great-tasting pies, which come in different pleasant flavors.

For a chance to know more about Rumbas in Boracay, they can drop by at the bar located right along one of the wings of DMall. This spot is near Station 2, next to where the famous Ferris wheel is standing. For a chance to experience a perfect blend of great-tasting food, wonderful beverages, and beautiful crowd, Rumbas in Boracay is definitely one of the top choices to make.


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