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Positioned just right along Bulabog Beach in Boracay, Palomaria Restaurant offers tourists different kinds of scrumptious international cuisines. Overall, it features an eclectic menu that includes grilled specialties, in-house delicacies, and seafood delights. For those who like grilled food, they can try the rich flavor and pleasant taste of Vangies Chicken Barbecue. Meanwhile, those who want to try something quite special and rather rare can order Swedish Meatballs. For seafood aficionados, Fish Kebab is a must-try treat.

Moreover, Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay has a long list of special food offerings to serve, with other notable treats such as Brown Rice Risotto, which uses wild mushrooms as major ingredients. Meanwhile, many guests find its Grilled Veggie Salad quite interesting, thanks to its creamy and tasty dressing. The Seafood Soup is also a crowd pleaser, thanks to its pleasant taste and relatively rich seafood flavor. More than anything else, this place is known for its Tuna Melt, which is basically made out of mozzarella cheese, olive, and tuna. On the other hand, Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay also features other fine entrees like Butter Cake, Choriburger, and Chicken Sandwich. By bringing in a nice budget of $10, customers can already enjoy satisfying treats.

Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay offers an alfresco dining facility, with wooden tables and soft cushions to emphasize a casual, relaxing, and homey atmosphere that dominates the entire place. Staying and dining inside this restaurant is truly a refreshing experience, especially with various trees present all over its premises. In terms of service, the restaurant staff is quite fast and smooth in the way they deliver and prepare the food. Additionally, people can also use this place to hangout because it serves alcoholic drinks as well.

Bulabog Beach plays host to the inviting Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay, which lies just next to Lazy Dog Guest House, which is a first-rate hospitality service provider. Aside this, there are other fine and notable hotels in close within the restaurant area including La Carmela de Boracay, Club Manila East, and True Home Boracay. Furthermore, hotels like Jonys Boracay Beach Resort, Lorenzo Grand Villa, and La Carmela Boracay also provide comfortable and convenient hotel accommodations for everyone. From the restaurant, people can also go easily to any nearby dive shops, retail outlets, and other important commercial establishments in the island.

To visit Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay, they can find it lying conveniently along Bulabog Beach. With all its great-tasting food and efficient services, this place is easily one of the nicest food establishments in the entirety of the island.

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