Orange Sky Club in Boracay – Philippines

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For some very serious form of partying, Orange Sky Club is one of the closest and nicest locations near the Island of Boracay. For people who want some outstanding alternative to the crowded beaches and bars in the island, simply go to Cubay Beach in the municipality of Malay in Aklan province. More than anything else, the place offers a more private yet just as fun and exciting location to drink and party the night away. While visiting this bar, customers can experience a topnotch location characterized by white sand, clear waters, and a very friendly crowd.

Orange Sky Club is exactly found along Cubay Beach, which is one of Malays pride when in comes to tourism. Just a short ride from Boracay, the bar is definitely one of the most interesting places to party because of its cozy, homey, and intimate setting. Inside, people can drink while listening and enjoying the coolest and the hippest beats played by world-class DJs from different parts of the world. To avail of the biggest discounts and get the best value in exchange for money, interested parties can make special deals with the Orange Sky Club management and staff scattered in Boracay to avail special deals inclusive of welcome drinks, buffets, and boat transfers.

In terms of specialties, Orange Sky Club offers different kinds of special cocktails, wines, and other forms of alcoholic beverages. Rum, vodka, and scotch are some of the most popular drinks that this place offers, as well as different kinds of beer, gin, and tequila. To go with these nice drinks, the bar features a menu that includes many in-house specialties like Pork Sisig, Inihaw na Liempo, and other grilled delicacies. Of course, its menu is not complete without tasty and satisfying seafood treats such as Calamares, Buttered Shrimp, and other fish varieties including Blue Marlin, Lapu-Lapu, and Bangus.

The prices are not that bad either at Orange Sky Club, as regular drinks usually cost somewhere around 70 pesos to 150 pesos only. Meanwhile, a budget of 500 pesos already entitles customers to a couple or more delectable treats that go perfectly well with these special cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Inside this bar, expect loud, lively, and danceable tunes like house, hip-hop, and R&B music play continuously in the air. This place is very much welcome for both local and foreign tourists alike. Clothes are never a problem when visiting the bar, as customers can wear whatever they want and whatever fits them comfortably well.

For people who want to experience what Orange Sky Club has to offer, they can take a short boat ride from the main island of Boracay into Cubay Beach in Malay. With all these special features and product offerings, customers are in for some really fun time inside this lively, cheerful, and cozy bar.


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