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Serving different kinds of delectable Austrian and German cuisines, Kurts Restaurant is a very nice food service provider that carries a homey Filipino-style setting. Situated right within the area of Angol along White Beach in Boracay, this dining facility is very popular among tourists because of its Bavarian Weizenbier and draft beer servings. Additionally, this place also serves different types of tasty local delicacies and palatable European specialties.

Furthermore, Kurts Restaurant in Boracay delivers fun and satisfaction to its customers through its extensive menu that includes heavy favorites like Jagerschnitzel as well as the special onion soup with cheese and toasted bread as key ingredients. At breakfast, guests will definitely love the hot cups of coffee that it serves that go well with its tasty meals. Salads, sandwiches, and soups are very popular among health-conscious customers, while starters are recommended to try other fine treats such as steaks, curries, and sausages. For a little less than 500 pesos, people can already order different types of specialties inside Kurts Restaurant in Boracay including Goulash with Spetzl and Hungarian Sausage.

Aside from the food, Kurts Restaurant in Boracay is draws numerous tourists and guests who are looking for some really great time, mainly because of its highly affordable beer offerings. Guests will have to pay a highly affordable price of 500 pesos for as much as 12 glasses of beer, while prices are much cheaper during happy hour, which eventually drop to 350 pesos. Although the food inside this place is not that gaudy when it comes to presentation, the taste is really topnotch, making it one of the nicest dining facilities in the area. Generally, this place has a casual atmosphere, which complements the fun and excitement that people experience in the island.

With its prime location within the area of Angol along White Beach, Kurts Restaurant is just a short walk from premier Boracay hotels like Club Ten Boracay, Lorenzo Grand Villa, and La Carmela de Boracay. Other first-class hospitality service providers in the area include Club Manila East Boracay, Casa Pilar Boracay, and Pearl of the Pacific. In addition, guests can easily drop by at any of the bars close within range such as Bom Bom Bar, Pats Creek Bar, and Cocomangas Shooter Bar.

For people who want to visit Kurts Restaurant in Boracay, all they have to do is proceed to the Angol area along White Beach, which is somewhere in between Station 2 and Station 3. In terms of satisfaction, customers can easily get their moneys worth just by dining at this topnotch food service provider.

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