Hey Jude in Boracay – Philippines

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The Hey Jude Bar and Bistro is one cozy place to hang out on the island of Boracay. It is a bistro by day and a bar/nightclub at night.

With a big sign saying Hey Jude in capital bold letters, this place is not easily missed. It is just the right size and with its sitting pavilions on the beach, this place makes a perfect hang out spot for people who enjoy the sunset or sunrise. The bar and bistro is located near DMall White Beach, boat station 2. If you are completely new to Boracay, then simply stroll along the beach until you find the Hey Jude, or look for the biggest crowds.

The specialties of the Hey Jude bistro and bar are its appetizers and its pizzas. They have a special appetizer that can only be found at the Hey Jude and this snack is called Parmesan Cheese Fries. These are simple French fries coated with Parmesan cheese. This dish goes great with a bottle of beer or a cocktail. Their drink menu is also quite extensive with plenty of special exotic blends and cocktails. The staff is friendly and helps you pick a drink of your flavor. The overall price range for the drinks at the Hey Jude Bar and Bistro is around Php 50 which is around $1. The cocktails usually range at Php 100 which is almost $2 and the food ranges between $1 and $4 which is equal to Php 50 to Php 200.

The Hey Jude Bar and Bistro has annual events usually every summer that are sponsored by Big Fish or MTV. These events are party events where the best of the best come to Boracay to perform for the party crowd. The Hey Jude Bar also has resident DJ Manster who plays mostly dance music and lounge music for all the party people who dance the night away. There are also beach parties and beach events in front of the bar that are being hosted by the Hey Jude.

The best season to visit the Hey Jude Bar is during the summer season in Boracay which starts March and goes all the way until June to July. This is also the season with the most party and beach events such as beach volleyball competitions hosted by the Hey Jude or big house music parties.

You can check out the homepage at www.heyjudebar.com for more information and if you have any inquiries you can e-mail them at barheyjude@yahoo.com. Hey Jude is young and hip and will definitely bring you into party fever.


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