Don Vito Restaurant in Boracay – Philippines

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One of the major features of Mandarin Hotel along Station 2 in Boracay Island, Don Vito is basically a Western-themed restaurant that specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. Simultaneously, it also offers other delightful menus including an assortment of European delicacies and other Asian specialties. For breakfasts, guests can dine alfresco style at the terrace, where sipping some hot cups of coffee go perfectly well with the view of the rising sun.

Don Vito in Boracay regularly serves different types of menu to make it highly interesting for guests to dine inside this place. Some of its special food offerings include Italian buffets as well as seafood buffets. For those who crave for grilled treats, people can wait for the special barbecue week, where tasty grilled dishes are available for the enjoyment of everyone. For a taste of different types of cuisines from all parts of the world, Don Vito in Boracay also serves International buffets, which feature delicious delicacies from Asian, European, and Mediterranean regions.

As much as possible, Don Vito in Boracay always tries to provide its customers with their desired food accommodations. For instance, those who want to dine indoors can stay inside the restaurant facility. Meanwhile, other people who prefer natural ventilation can eat at the terrace of this premier food establishment. Furthermore, the friendly and accommodating staff of Don Vito in Boracay is ready to accept and serve special dining arrangements for different occasions such as beachside cocktails, picnic luncheons, and romantic dinners.

People can find Don Vito within the elegant Mandarin Hotel along Station 2, which is a first-class hospitality service provider in Boracay. Aside from staying at this prime resort facility, customers can also choose to stay at other premier hotels in the area including Microtel Inns and Suites Boracay, Baling Hai Beach Resort, and Sea Wind Boracay Island. Other prime hotel resorts located close within the restaurant premises are Red Coconut Beach Hotel, Bamboo Bungalow Rest Houses, and Sun Village Central Beachfront. For diving aficionados, they can easily avail the services of many nearby dive shops including Sea World Dive Center, Calypso Diving School, and New Wave Divers.

For a chance to know exactly the different food offerings, features, and special packages available at Don Vito, people can visit Mandarin Hotels official website, or the alternative Likewise, they can also send e-mail messages to the addresses and Additionally, the resort numbers are (036)-288-5999, (036)-288-4999, and (036)-288-3444.


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