Courtyard Bistro in Boracay – Philippines

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The Courtyard Bistro serves the well-loved dishes topped with delectable concoctions to appeal to the most discriminating taste buds. This restaurants menu selections are concocted from well-kept family recipes that will surely make the diners beg for more.

The Courtyard Bistro basically offers fusion cuisinethat of a combination between Filipino and international cuisines. This restaurant basically offers gourmet dishes in a laid-back atmosphere, confined within a cozy corner of Boracays Bulabog Beach. Prices in the Courtyard Bistro can range from 300 to 600 pesos.

The restaurant basically caters to food enthusiasts who look forward to appreciating even the smallest details in the food selections. The dishes in the Courtyard Bistro are all about details, as it is cooked to accuracy and perfection.

For starters, guests can choose to delve into the Pomelo Salad, a salad consisting of fresh citrus fruit tossed with shallots, celery, coriander, seafood and Oriental dressing. The Oyster Rockefeller is also ideal for those who are dining on an intimate setting, as the dish is an ultimate aphrodisiac with its baked Aklan oysters, drizzled with chopped bacon, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

The main courses in the Courtyard Bistro can basically be steak, dory fish or Italian meatballs. The Orgasmic Rib Eye speaks well for its name, with its flavorful taste and juicy texture exploding in your taste buds. Another house specialty of the Courtyard Bistro in the main course department is the Tenderloin Beef Salpicado, a very tender steak whose texture and tastes are mixed together to melt delightfully in your mouth. For those who prefer seafood over red meat, the Dory Fish Fillet is drizzled with lemon butter sauce is recommended by loyal guests with it sublime tangy taste and sweet flavors. The Twice-Cooked Pork and Chicken Adobo is also a rave among former visitors. Lastly, desserts at the Courtyard Bistro include the pistachio ice cream and the chocolate truffles with strawberry ganache.

Since the Courtyard Bistro is located at the Bulabog Beach in Boracay, diners can expect a more peaceful dining atmosphere compared to that of other restaurants. Hotels nearby are the Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast Hotel, a quaint, small hotel known for its uniqueness and exclusivity, and the Discovery Shores, one of Boracays finest hotels. Meanwhile, the Butterfly Garden Cottages offers good accommodations at affordable prices for those who are travelling in large groups.

The Courtyard Bistro is located at the Bulabog Beach in Boracay Island, and can be contacted at 63-036-288-4128 or through email at


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