Cocoloco Restaurants in Boracay (Reviews)

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Cocoloco Restaurants in Boracay (Reviews) – Another nice place to wine and dine within the Angol area along White Beach in Boracay, Cocoloco serves different kinds of tasty dishes from various parts of the world, including an eclectic menu that is guaranteed to satisfy even the different tastes of people. Add to that, the place also offers special European and Filipino cuisines. The meals are served on top of super hot skillets, which make the food warm, tender, and palatable for the consumption of its customers. For seafood lovers, it provides people with numerous options like shrimps, squids, as well as various fish variations.

cocoloco boracay restaurants

For people who want to experience some fine dining at Cocoloco in Boracay, expect to pay more or less $10 to be able to order sumptuous meals and beverages. One of its most notable dishes is Shark Curry, which has a distinctively delicious taste and has satisfied many customers who have ordered it. Because this place is also a bar, guests can order beers, wines, and other types of alcoholic drinks.

Furthermore, there are great-tasting dishes that go well with these beverages like fried squid and chicken adobo, two of the most popular and satisfying pulutans in the Philippines. For other options, Cocoloco in Boracay also serves pizzas, steaks, and curries.

Cocoloco overflows with a cheerful, relaxing, and casual atmosphere, which is really good for tourists and fun-loving customers staying in Boracay Island. Inside this bar and restaurant, people can even play exciting indoor games like darts, table tennis, and billiards. The place is also a very good venue to meet other wonderful people, especially with soft gentle music and beautiful tunes playing at the background.

Furthermore, people can also hold romantic dates within this place, and order all sorts of flavorful and impressive delicacies such as Fish Curry, Beef Schnitzel, and Omelette.

Situated right within the Angol area along White Beach in Boracay, Cocoloco is just a short distance away from Station 3. Consequently, its accessible location provides customers an easy time to go to any of the surrounding hotels, dive centers, and retail stores.

For those who prefer first-class hotel services and accommodations, some of the top choices to make are La Carmela de Boracay, Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos, and Boracay Gold Crowne. Likewise, they can also stay inside 357 Boracay, Le Soleil de Boracay, as well as Pearl of the Pacific Boracay.

For more information about Cocoloco in Boracay, people can visit the place near Boat Station 3, which is one of the major tourist hubs in the area. With all its wonderful features and extensive menu of certified great-tasting food, this restaurant is indubitably a very nice location for tourists and guests to wine and dine anytime, anywhere.


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