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As one of the elegant and attractive dining places in Boracay Island, Aklan, CNN Café ensures customers of comfortable and great dining experience. With its delectable dishes, many tourists in the place show interest in visiting this food service provider. In addition, the restaurant takes pride in the accommodating services that its friendly staff offers to all customers. Furthermore, the dining place has a strategic location, which makes it easy to visit and locate.


Cuisine, Specialties, and Price Range

In terms of cuisine, CNN Café is proud to offer Filipino and international dishes to customers. Tourists and vacationers who will visit this dining place should taste some of the in-house specialties like Rostis that are usually seasoned with tomato and cheese. For breakfasts, customers should taste its delicious and mouth watering Mushroom and Cheese Omelet. On the other hand, when it comes to beverages or drinks, people can usually satisfy their cravings for delicious brewed coffee if they dine at CNN Café. For the price range of 200 pesos to 300 pesos, tourists can already enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal at this dining place.


Description of the Restaurant

Even if the restaurant is not as elegant and attractive as other dining places in the island, CNN Café still gets the attention of many travelers for it offers a relaxing and comfortable area for all of its customers. In addition, the restaurant has a cozy ambiance, which is why many travelers still show interest in dining at the place even during dinner time. To make the visit of customers worthwhile and refreshing, CNN Café has a large flat screen television where in people can watch international news while waiting for their meals. Above all, the place also has tables overlooking the beachfront, for those who want to unwind and have quiet moments with their loved ones.



Situated along White Beach shore, CNN Café is accessible to famous hotels and lodges in the island of Boracay, Aklan. For travelers who stay at Regency Boracay, Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort, and Lorenzo Grand Villa Resort can easily locate the restaurant. In addition, guests at Velis Inn and Island Jewel Inn can visit the dining place without hassles.

For inquiries about the menu, price range of the hotel, people can always contact its management through this number, (63) (36) 288 5119. With all the effective services and delectable specialties, CNN Café is a place that travelers in Boracay should consider visiting.


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