Climate & Weather in Boracay Island – Philippines

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Climate & Weather in Boracay Island – Philippines – As you may know by now, Boracay is the perfect getaway for sun-worshippers. It is where summer is sunnier, lovelier, and livelier. Then again, Boracay is not always the kind of paradise you imagine it to be year in and year out. There are certain points in the calendar when Boracay could be gloomy and lifeless, too.

climate and weather in boracay


Like in the most parts of the Philippines, Boracay enjoys a climate that is divided into two seasons, locally named as Amihan and Habagat. Amihan is a season when temperatures are modest and little rainfall is expected. Habagat, on the other hand, is a season when temperatures arise combined with frequent rainshowers. Generally, Boracay experiences Amihan in September and May and Habagat for the rest of the year.

From March to June, the weather and climate in Boracay is very hot with occasional rainshowers to cool off. That is the main reason, this island getaway is almost a sold out during that period. Whenever it is sunny, people find the best opportunity to enjoy Boracay activities with no worries of any kind of interruptions from the climate.

From July to October, the real might of Habagat is felt with more frequent thunderstorms. In that case, those months are considered as Boracay’s lean season. Very few people choose to brave the stormy climate that is why tourism is dull. If you decide to visit Boracay during this time, your best edge is owning a cheap accommodation. Vacation rates at off season are very pocket-friendly. The only drawback is that you cannot possibly enjoy the activities that take place during the peak season, which mostly requires a sunny weather.

Before deciding on a Boracay vacation, you must study the weather and climate very carefully. The abrupt change in weather could affect the kind of fun that you want to have. Make sure that all the activities you have lined up to make the most of your Boracay vacation agrees to the climate of that time. You can choose to go when the Habagat sets in and enjoy a fairly low-priced vacation or when the cool Amihan wind blows in and find your way through an insanely crowded place.

Boracay climate and weather can make or break your vacation. That is the basic reason it must be put on top of your worries while you are on the early stages of planning. If you do not want the climate to destroy your vacation, you must plan it and plan it well.


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