Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant in Boracay – Philippines

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Found within Barangay Manggayad in Boracay, Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind food service provider in the area that offers an assortment of international delicacies. Right now, it is highly famous because of its Mongolian Buffet, which is a regular feature that starts during early evenings and ends until late nights. Not only that, this cozy restaurant also serves buffets for breakfasts. By putting emphasis on international cuisines, the place has become a heavy favorite among tourists and guests, thanks mainly to its wide array of super tasty delicacies and special treats.

By spending somewhere around 300 pesos to 500 pesos, people can already try most of the available specialties inside Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant in Boracay. For those who want some delicious light meals and snacks, they can gorge over some of its tasteful appetizers, which are to be followed by main courses, and desserts. For health-conscious customers, they will surely find a specific salad that can match their distinctive tastes and preferences. For starters, it is always nice to try Mexican delicacies particularly its tasty Nachos. Meanwhile, scrumptious sandwiches are also available within this Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant in Boracay. Add to that, those who are looking for tasty Italian treats can order any of its available pastas.

With regards to ambiance, Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant in Boracay always maintains a lively, vibrant, and cheerful atmosphere right inside the place as it features different kinds of sporting events on its modern television monitors positioned all over the restaurant facility. More importantly, it features comfortable tables and seats, clean bathrooms, as well as a respectful staff. Aside from the food, special drinks are served as well, including those that can quench the thirst of its valued guests especially after a long tiring day of endless fun and excitement in the island.

Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant is one of the major features of Calypso Diving Resort in Boracay, which is found within Barangay Manggayad. Because of its outstanding location, customers can directly stay inside its first-class hotel facilities as well as enjoy heart-pounding water activities and sports through the exclusive National Geographic Dive Center. For other nice options to stay, they can even try other nearby hotel resorts such as Alyssa Resort, 357 Boracay, and Tonglen Beach Resort. During late evenings, people can start to party within nearby bars including Bolero Rum Bar, Red Pirates, and Charls Bar.

In order to reach the friendly restaurant staff, potential customers can call the telephone numbers (036)-288-3206 or (036)-288-3478, which are owned by Calypso Sports Bar and Restaurant in Boracay. They can also find out more about the restaurant through Calypso Diving Resorts websites,, and, or send e-mails to


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