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Café Breizh is a famous food establishment in Boracay, particularly for its diverse French food offerings. As part of its extensive menu, many customers really love its fruit crepes, which are notable for their sweet, delicious, and palatable taste. Aside from its crepes, this fine dining restaurant also serves other delectable French delicacies like Seafood Pasta, Green Salad, and Omelet. To go with these tasty meals, the place also offers nice alcoholic beverages, particularly white wine. For snacks, its sandwiches are always to die for, especially with their distinct yet delicious flavors.

Generally, the restaurant staff at Café Breizh in Boracay makes super delicious crepes right in front of the customers, which gives them the power to customize their food according to their very own liking. To make things more interesting and tasty, they can mix two to four fruits in one single order. Some of its most delectable flavors are Papaya, Banana, and Pineapple. Likewise, many Café Breizh customers in Boracay order mango-flavored crepes, mainly because of their sweet and more refined taste. When in comes to prices, its products are highly affordable with prices not expected to go up more than $10.

Café Breizh in Boracay provides its customers with different ways of enjoying their sumptuous and delectable meals. For those who prefer dining outdoors, they can sit and dine at the convenient tables under coconut trees. On the other hand, they can opt to stay inside for a more private, romantic, and intimate dining experience. Generally, this dining facility has a homey atmosphere as the customers dine comfortably while listening to some sweet gentle music calmly plays all over the place.

Because Café Breizh is located just along Station 2 within White Beach in Boracay, its customers can easily find many premier hotels scattered all over the area. From the place, it will only take a very short walk to reach One Crescent Place, Red Coconut, and Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos Boracay. Other alternative places and locations to stay are Lorenzo Grand Villas, Club Ten Boracay, and Crystal Sand Boracay. At the same time, there are also different dive centers in the area including Free Willy Diving Center, Blue Mango Dive Center, and Sea World Diving Center.

For people who want to know more about Café Breizh, they can go directly to the place along Station 2 within Boracays White Beach. Situated just right next to Café del Mar, this place is definitely one of the nicest places to go to when in search for delightful French cuisine.

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