Geography of Boracay Island – Philippines

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Geography of Boracay Island – Philippines – When talking of spectacular and world tourist-class stretches of white beaches and pristine sea waters in the Philippines, Boracay is first on the list. And to see more what Boracay is about, heres a summary of Boracay geography.

boracay geography


It has a total of 10.32 square kilometers of beaches, forests, and hills, and located in the northwest part of Aklan in Panay Island. Panay is a western province in the Visayas, and the tropical island of Boracay is some 200 miles south of the city of Manila. Being an island in the Sulu Sea, Boracay geography is naturally endowed with coasts of powdery white sand, a tropical summery climate almost throughout the year that blesses the gentle topography with enough sun and rain yearly. The gently rolling terrain is suitable for hillside lodges, though several posh hotels are located on the Boracay plains.

Some 400 hectares are totally devoted as forest lands and some 628 hectares for purely agricultural purposes. Boracay geography also features two main beach areas the white Beach front and the Bulabog Beach front which occupy the narrow central area of this dog-bone shaped tropical island. Others note however, that Boracay geography, from a caricatures viewpoint, is a waving hand with 2 of its main beaches located at the wrist of the hand. And wrist is where the pulse pulsates active life.

There are other wonderful beaches in Boracay, but these 2 main beaches easily catch visitors attention. White beach is lined up with cozy and world-class resorts, hotels, and restaurants in its more than 4-kilometer long strip of white sand and backdropped with lively green hills. With such Boracay geography paradisaical images of an island resort vacation is not hard to conjure up in tourists minds.

Bulabog Beach, the name probably derived from the unusual playful winds prevalent in the area which are powerful enough to enjoy windsurfing and kiteboarding to the extreme, is endowed with a Boracay geography that allows winds to freely come in and go. Bulabog means disturbed by a sudden surge of wind, and the Boracay geography here, mostly free of natural wind barriers, makes this phenomenon possible.

For more Boracay geography, this island paradise has three barangays, namely, Manoc-Manoc, Yapac, and Balabag. These are three of a total of 17 barangays belonging to the Municipality of Malay in Aklan. Entering Boracay takes a route through the Cagban jetty point most time of the year. An alternative entry-exit route is the Tambisaan Beach in fair weather conditions.


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