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Food in Boracay Island – Philippines – There are so many restaurants that can be found in Boracay. Each tries to master the specific cuisine that they feature. But what is good about your Boracay vacation if you are sticking to a menu that you are used to? If you want to experience the place at its very best, you must be brave enough about sampling the local fares. Do not worry because Boracay’s local cuisine is not too exotic, that, we can assure you.

Boracay’s local fare is inspired by the Visayan cuisine. Since the Visayas region is composed of islands put together, the local cuisine is mostly all about seafood. Kinilaw is a favorite dish in the region and in Boracay as well. Basically, this dish is a seafood salad where the main ingredient, fish or shellfish, is marinated in a strong-flavored vinegar together with other spices.

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Aside from Kinilaw, there are also other popular Visayan dishes that are served in many Boracay restaurants as part of the local cuisine. Among those are grilled fish and other meats. Seafood dishes should be on top of any diner’s list because they are undoubtedly delivered from a fresh catch. Boracay has a very active fishing industry that makes for the freshest and finest seafood you could ever have.

A part of Boracay’s local cuisine is also Chinese-inspired. Specialty pancit dishes like Pancit Molo is also a must-try. Boracay’s Lumpiang Ubod is also very authentic of the flavors governing the region. This dish, which has been considered the star of Boracay’s local cuisine, is a beautiful mix of heart of palm, shrimps, and pork wrapped in a specially prepared crepe. Heart of palm is an authentic Visayan produce and is very delicious.

Whenever you make the visit to Boracay, do not forget to sample the local cuisine. Although Continental, European, French, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese dishes feels like home, it is nice to veer away from them every once in a while. Sampling Boracay’s local cuisine is also the best way you could understand the lifestyle in the paradise. If you have not tasted any local fare, you cannot claim about having the ultimate Boracay experience.

Trying out the local cuisine in a place is like giving you a good glimpse of how it is to be living in the place. And it is very true when you are in Boracay. Having a taste of the local cuisine gives you a better understanding of the Boracay lifestyle.


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