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Situated right within Station 2 of Boracay, Bom Bom Bar is a very nice place to hangout where people can party and enjoy a lively night with their families and friends. Generally, the place plays some really nice live music while their customers enjoy what the bar has to offer. Generally, it has an alfresco setting, which makes it more convenient for people to have fun and party all throughout the night. With the use of beanbags and driftwood chairs, people can sit comfortably and conveniently as they listen to the music and indulge in their favorite drinks.

Bom Bom Bar in Boracay lies next to Pats Creek Bar, which is another premier place to hangout for some serious form of partying. Likewise, it is just a short distance away from DMall, which is one of the major commercial establishments in the area. After partying, customers can always stay at any of the nearby hotels like Le Soleil de Boracay, La Carmela de Boracay, and Tonglen Boracay. In addition, Fridays Boracay, Red Coconut Boracay, and True Home Boracay are also very nice locations to rest after some wild partying and serious drinking at Bom Bom Bar.

Bom Bom Bar serves different kinds of food and drinks for tourists and guests who are looking for some great fun and excitement in Boracay. With regards to food, specifically pica-picas and pulutans, many customers love to order Chicharon, which is basically pork rind that comes with a deliciously sour sauce. Meanwhile, some people find the exotic treat called Balut quite interesting, which is basically a duck egg boiled into perfection by its staff. For as much as 500 pesos, people are guaranteed to have an absolutely great time hanging out inside this bar.

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Of course, a highly competitive party place like Bom Bom Bar in Boracay is incomplete without its wide collection of beers, special beverages, as well as other types of alcoholic drinks. It serves a nice drink called the Blowjob, which is primarily tequila with a small touch of Kahlua, which guests can drink using a straw and through a glass rim lighting up with fire. Customers can do these fun party activities until the wee hours of morning, as they listen and enjoy a light and relaxing music lineup that includes aboriginal tunes, Caribbean beats, as well as reggae.

For a chance to witness the fun, exciting, and highly enjoyable party scene at Bom Bom Bar in Boracay, people can go straight to the place along Station 2. With all the fun and partying inside, customers are in for some truly unforgettable experiences.


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