BBC Real Estate in Boracay Island – Philippines (Reviews)

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BBC Real Estate in Boracay Island – Philippines (Reviews) – One of the famous and well-established companies in the island of Boracay in Aklan, BBC Real Estate is a topnotch land and housing service provider, which is known for its good reputation. With the aim of promoting real properties in the island to tourists, this corporation sells attractive commercial spaces, house and lots, and beach resorts in reasonable rates.

In addition, most of the properties that the company sells have strategic location, which makes it accessible to other commercial establishments in the area.


Services Offered By BBC Real Estate

Aside from selling real properties in Boracay, Aklan, BBC Real Estate offers special services that can surely help tourists who have interest in owning lands and resorts in the area. In terms of land services, the company provides land survey, land transfer as well as landscaping arrangements. On the other hand, for those who want have assistance regarding construction of properties, they can avail of the companys architectural and property management services.

Meanwhile, for those who want to take advantage of investment opportunities in the tropical island, BBC Real Estate accepts individuals who have interest in getting into brokerage service.

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Kinds of Real Properties That BBC Real Estate Sells

To attract people to the island, BBC Real Estate sells different kinds of real properties that have affordable prices. Aside from house and lots that have attractive architecture and interior design, interested properties can also purchase well-maintained and beautiful beach properties in several beaches, which include Bolobog, Tulubhan, and Bulabog.

In addition, people can also take advantage of the nice resorts that the company sells, which are mostly located in Barangay Manoc-Manoc and Barangay Manggayad. When it comes to commercial spaces, they can buy restaurants and beachfront resorts in Barangay Balabag.


Real Properties for Rent

Besides selling properties, BBC Real Estate also takes charge of some properties in the island that are for rent such as vacation houses and apartments. Tourists who plan to spend long vacation at the place can choose from several vacation houses in Tulubhan, Bulabog, and Ambulong. Additionally, people can also rent apartments with reasonable rates at Diniwid, Manggayad, and Bantud.

For interested parties and individuals, they can make arrangements and contact BBC Real Estate through this number, (63 36) 288-3761. On the other hand, people can also send their inquiries at the companys email address, Above all, to have a closer look at the properties that the company sells, it is best that they visit its Web site,

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