Balinghai Dive Site in Boracay Island – Philippines

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Balinghai Dive Site in Boracay Island – Philippines – The island paradise of Boracay has one of the best diving locations in the country of the Philippines and the popularity amongst the different dive spots is growing each season. One of the most interesting dive spots on the island of Boracay is the Balinghai dive site. Explore this dive site with us and get to know the note-worthy attractions of the Balinghai dive site.

balinghai dive site

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The Balinghai dive site actually consists of two walls that are positioned parallel from each other. This dive site is located right in between the Punta Bunga and the Diniwid dive sites. You can reach Balinghai with a ten minute boat ride from the shores of Boracay boat station one and two. The two walls have each different minimum and maximum depth and they also both have different attractions because the shallower wall has more crevices and cracks where critters and fishes are hiding.

Let us start with the shallow wall first and what you can find. As mentioned earlier, the shallow Balinghai wall has crevices and holes in which you will find lionfish, triggerfish, anthias, puffers, bannerfish and gobies hiding. You will occasionally see a moray as well. The shallow wall also features scorpionfish and angelfish. The deep wall of the Balinghai dive site features tuna, blue spotted sting rays and sharks. The entire area is covered in hard and especially soft corals such as leather corals and table corals.

The shallow wall of the Balinghai dive site is compatible with open water divers, the deep wall however should only be entered by advanced open water divers and more experienced divers since this is a deep dive. The minimum depth is 8 meters in both walls and the maximum depth at the shallow wall is around 24 meters and the maximum depth at the deep wall of Balinghai is 40 meters. You should also be experienced with drift dives since the currents change quickly in the Balinghai dive site and the general area of the west coast of Boracay.

The price per dive to the Balinghai dive site ranges from $25 to $35 depending on the season and guide. You can avail of a rental service from any dive shop and dive resort on the island of Boracay. Total equipment rental can come in an affordable package for around $10 to $20 per day. If you want to dive with Nitrox, you probably have to pay an extra fee on top of your dive cost.

The Balinghai dive site is yet another great dive destination in Boracay and the Philippines and you will definitely emerge from underwater with plenty of fresh memories.

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