Angol Point Dive Site in Boracay Island – Philippines (Reviews)

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Angol Point Dive Site in Boracay Island – Philippines (Reviews) – As the boat takes you out to the south western tip of the Boracay island, you are about to experience the Angol Point, which one of the best dive sites in Boracay that are suited for beginners and soon-to-be open water divers. Once you have strapped on your BCD, weights, mask and fins, you will take a leap into the cool refreshing water into the shallow starting point of the Angol Point dive which is around 5 meters.

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You will be able to see as far as 25 meters because the visibility in the Angol Point dive is very good. Make sure that your first stage stays really tight in your mouth because you are going to be awed by all kinds of macro marine life within the Angol Point dive. You will see rare scorpion fishes, banner fishes, sweetlips, sea snakes and lots of starfishes. You should be wary when it comes to the sea snakes, for they are very poisonous. The sea floor itself is covered with hard and soft coral which makes this spot a worthy spot to dive no matter how easy the dive itself at Angol Point is.

The maximum depth is 12 meters and this makes it ideal for every diver level. Even just open water levels can enjoy the reef and the marine life, because the currents stay mild at most. The Angol Point dive can also be done at night time, which will once again amaze you. The best time is during full moon so that your visibility is increased and you should also try diving during the month of November because it is then when the corals spray out their pollens at night. If you are into underwater photography, you should definitely bring your camera to this Angol Point dive to catch the interesting macro life.

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The cost per dive is relatively cheap and also depends on the guide that you are using or if you are using services from a beach resort or dive center. The usual price per dive ranges from $25 to $50 and anything above that can be considered too expensive or even a rip off. Make sure that your guide always follows the diving safety rules and if you are uncomfortable with your guide, then you better change to another one because insecurities can cause stress in diving which leads to dive accidents.

An Angol Point dive will definitely be worth your time and money and you will see the variety that exists within the marine world of Boracay up close. Remember to stay safe and always have a buddy with you during your Angol Point dive.


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